A little bit about Haley Marguerite

If Tony Robbins and Pippi Longstocking were one person… it might just be me!


I’m Haley Marguerite — like Tony, I inspire people beyond their limitations, and like Pippi, I never let anything shake my self-belief, especially in my dream-come-true of myself as the creator of a blockbuster Kids’ Adventure & Travel Book series! 


As a children’s book author: I’ve sold over 10,700 copies of Charlie Takes an Adventure, Charlie Takes an Adventure to Massachusetts and Charlie Takes an Adventure to New York! 


As a motivational speaker: I’ve keynoted for Girl Scout events and 25+ Rotary Clubs online and in person, including the Rotary Club of Siesta Key, Florida, which selected Charlie’s books to be distributed across multiple counties in the Books4Kids program!


When I graduated college in 2013, I had no idea I’d end up as a penguin’s travel agent/author of Charlie the Penguin and Beyond Tour. Kids ages 4 to 9 (pre-K to 4th grade) love Charliethe über-curious penguin from Antarctica who sojourns in style to Florida, Massachusetts and New York in Books 1 to 3 of the series. Said one elementary school teacher, “As my second grade class heard Charlie Takes an Adventure, they were engaged with the unique Florida storyline. These eight-year-olds wanted more Charlie book adventures and even asked if it would become a movie!”


As a self-sparking entrepreneur, I partnered with Howard Allen’s Ace Arts and Craft Shows to sell books (and “Charlie swag”) virtually every weekend throughout the Sunshine State. On our own, Charlie and I have sold over 9,250 copies of Book 1 (so far) in Florida alone. The pandemic hit just as we embarked on our northeast tour — but COVID can’t stop me or Charlie! 




Now more than ever in our travel-restricted times, children will benefit from Charlie’s adventures in the other fun places with Charlie— the books teach fun facts, while also helping students to locate famous, must-know historical landmarks. The series also aids in improving children’s imagination and creativity through traveling with Charlie! Students also learn essential life lessons about friends, family, and the meaning of “home” along the way. Everyone has dreams like this! As such, I can help inspire your students to go for their dreams—and I’d love nothing more than to be of service in this way.


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***Haley’s Latest Book #3!***

***Charlie Takes an Adventure to the Moon
Out This Fall 2022!!***
For those of you that have pre-ordered Charlie Takes an Adventure to Illinois this book will be out in publication at a later date. We have received a much higher demand to publish Charlie Takes an Adventure to the Moon.

Therefore, you all will be receiving the first shipment of this book once it hits the ground. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.