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A little about Charlie...

Charlie is a penguin who lives in Antarctica. He ventures from state to state, going on amazing adventures that your children would surely love. With Charlie’s books, from his adventures in Florida to his escapades in Massachusetts and touring around New York, we can raise children who like to read while learning more about the 50 states in the United States of America.  The books teach children fun facts, while also helping to locate historical landmarks. The series aids in improving children’s imagination and creativity through traveling with “Charlie”!

The Inspirational Story Behind the Book

I wrote Charlie Takes an Adventure when I was 11 years old. It started out as a language arts project.  My teacher gave the class a task to write a book.  At the end of the school year, my manuscript was returned to me in a “hardcover” format.  

Boy, I was pretty excited to see my book in hardcover. When I showed my dad the book, I said, “Dad, how cool would it be if I can get this book published for REAL someday!!!”

Being 11 years old at the time, I had no clue how to get a book published. So this is what happened… My book sat on the bookshelf collecting dust for 13 years.  

I would constantly hear the discouragement from family members, friends, teachers, and librarians.  

This Is What I Would Hear:

“You are way too young to publish a book!”

“It’s way too hard to publish a book!”

“It costs too much money to publish a book!”

I even had one guy (“boyfriend”) that I dated tell me this: 

You aren’t smart enough to publish a book!”

I sure was smart enough to dump him after that comment…right!?

Two years laterCharlie Takes an Adventure was hit with an overwhelmingly positive response from; children, parents, and educators across the board. The book launched at the middle school I attended when I was in 6th grade, Loggers Run Middle School!  At this event, I gave a motivational talk to 400+ people in the auditorium, which included; students, parents, faculty, and the Superintendent of the Palm Beach County Schools.  

Since the launch of Charlie Takes an Adventure, I have had the pleasure of visiting 100’s of schools across America.

I have even been invited to inspire; elementary and middle Schools and religious affiliations with my motivational event titled, “Dream Big”.

A pretty cool highlight for me has been being  selected to be the keynote speaker for the Girl Scouts of America (2 years in a row), as well as, Keller Williams Real Estate agents. All throughout the peak of COVID-19,  I was asked on numerous occasions to inspire and bring hope to several Rotary International Clubs around the world as a keynote speaker, virtually. 

In October of 2021,  Haley Marguerite met David Van De Velde, her “now” mentor at a Rotary International conference in Naples, Florida.  David had quickly explained to Haley how he had been involved with the organization for 40 years, doing good for the communities while helping to stop bullying all across America by sending photos to the moon. “Where did this idea come from?” Haley asked. David had explained to Haley how students at Leesburg High School wanted to commit suicide, drop out of school, drink under age and use illegal drug use. All because of bullying. “I had to do something!” David said. That was when the anti-bullying program was born.  I have even been invited to inspire; elementary and middle Schools and religious affiliations with my motivational event titled, “Dream Big”.

Below is our “Circle of Flags” Program! 

Leesburg HS’ flag is on Mount Everest and Antartica!!

That’s Sherpa Kami!  


  • Haley and her team has launched several “other” programs all with anti-bullying as the focal point. So, depending on your interest, there is a program for just about everyone.
 We sure do hope you take the pledge and join us on this mission to make schools a safer place. See you on the moon soon!

For more information please contact Haley Marguerite, Author.


(Take the pledge to not bully!)

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