Charlie Takes an Adventure to the Moon (Book 4) Autographed!!



In this book Charlie has just won a trip to the moon and he is taking his best friend Phil! Charlie and Phil learn all about what an astronaut must do during training at Cape Canaveral. While at the training and throughout the book, Charlie encounters a good amount of bullying from his peers and tries to figure out how to deal with it. Charlie meets Captain Chapman at a dinner party and learns about these anti-bullying programs his organization have been implementing for some time and have been working. In an effort to spread peace on the moon and back on Earth Charlie lines up meetings with big name organizations to inform them about the programs. Towards the end of the book Charlie’s peers turn to him for help back on the spaceship as a faulty switch is broken and he is the only one that is small enough to fit through the opening. Charlie ends up fixing it and being everyone’s hero. The reader learns heroes come in all different shapes and sizes. on the moon Charlie encounters his peers bullying him.

This book and the other Charlie Takes an Adventure book series includes 22+ anti-bullying programs all 100% free.


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