Charlie Takes an Adventure to Massachusetts (Book 2) Autographed!!



In Charlie’s 2nd adventure, Charlie Takes an Adventure to Massachusetts, Charlie sets out to Massachusetts hoping Massachusetts can be a place Charlie can call home. While Charlie is in town visiting Massachusetts, he stops by some popular well-known, must-see places; Boston, Plimoth Plantation, The North End, Fenway, and Salem.

And…Charlie sets foot in a famous fast-food chain restaurant ONLY found in Massachusetts. Can you guess that place!?

I can’t spoil too much for you. But I can tell you if you are from Massachusetts like I myself you will totally just LOVE book 2. (I was born in Natick, MA… at the Leonard Morse Hospital to be exact!)  Not only are the illustrations wicked awesome but the storyline really keeps you glued to your chair and wanting to know where Charlie goes in his third adventure! New Englanders this book is a must-have in your library! 

Charlie meets Myrna, a school teacher dressed up as a witch in Salem telling Charlie something very profound of what he must do next in order to be happy again. Get the book to find out what happens and how Charlie even ended up in Salem.

This has been the MOST popular book in the series this past season alone!!


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